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Carpet Cleaning Tips:

1)Clean spills immediately

To avoid a spill becoming a stain you have to treat it straight away. If you have a carpet cleaner use it straight away. If now you don't have a carpet cleaner call a cleaning company and meanwhile use a towel to soak up the spill. DO NOT RUB because you gonna spread it around and it will get deeper in the carpet.

2)Check at a small spot.

First of all if you will clean the carpet your self try doing it in a small area at the corner of the carpet. That way you will check the unlikely possibility of the colour fastness of the carpet being affected by the solution or from the general cleaning action of the carpet cleaner.


For the best results you will have to vacuum the carpet at least two times to get the dust out of the carpet.

4)Open your windows

Open your windows and your doors to let the carpet dry, if you have a fan try using that as well.Dont walk on your Carpet for 2 hours.

Have this tips helped you? Do you have a story to share with us? Please leave a comment bellow.

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