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You Really Need to Shampoo Clean Your Carpet. Vacuum does not count as a Carpet Cleaning....Seriousl

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

We like to think we can keep our carpets clean on our own, thank you very much. We just need to vacuum every once and awhile ... right? Wrong. What you're likely forgetting is that almost all carpet companies require you to professionally shampoo clean your carpet every 6 to 12 months, to keep your warranty valid. In other words, vacuuming is not enough. Neither is steaming carpets yourself. Professional shampoo-steaming is, like it or not, legally the only way to protect your carpet in most cases. And it's also a way to protect your health. "As i recently Post Indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality, if you don't clean your flooring, clean your drapes and let air inside regularly. When millions of humans suffer from indoor allergies, air quality is a huge issue. Experts say that to keep the air in your home clean, it's important to follow a few carpet-cleaning rules. Namely: Call professionals to Shampoo-steam your carpet, more often than you think you should. Many carpet companies won't honor your warranty unless you hire professional cleaners every 6 to 12 months, says Carolyn Forte, a director at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. In some cases the requirement may be 24 months -- check your carpet's warranty for specifics. Regardless of how often you choose to use them, our experts agree that professional steam cleaners are hands-down necessary -- you shouldn't attempt to steam carpets yourself. Only steam can effectively lift dust from deep within your carpet, Wilson says -- if left there, it will wear down and rip the carpet's fibers. But only professional machines can truly zap all the steam's moisture from the carpet when you're done cleaning. The results of trying to do it yourself can be sickening. Of course, vacuuming remains the easiest way to keep carpets and area rugs clean between steams -- our experts recommend vacuuming once per week, to keep those abrasive dust particles out of carpet fibers. Ramp up the frequency in high-traffic areas or if you have pets -- these spots might need daily vacuuming depending on how much debris you notice. And take area rugs out for spring and fall cleaning sessions. Another secret? Vacuum slowly. "You can keep a rug for a lifetime, if you keep it clean. Carpet lifespans, however, range with quality, some well-made varieties are made to last up to 15 years if kept dust-free.

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